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    Deleting Inserted Captivate Movies from RoboHelp 7?

      How do you delete Captivate movies that you insert into RoboHelp 7? It seems like it should be easy, but I don't see how. Thanks,


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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Tom

          I suppose it all depends on exactly how you inserted them to start with.

          If the Captivate already existed and you simply pointed to it, you would just select it in the topic and press the delete key. If you imported the HTML companion page it created, you would just delete the companion page.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Tom_J. Level 1
            Thanks Rick. My problem was that I was trying to delete the swf file directly, rather than deleting the topic the Captivate movie was inserted on. After deleting the topic (or companion page) like you said, the swf is removed automatically.

            On another note, I was reading an instructional article by John Daigle on Captivate 2 and RoboHelp. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/captivate/articles/cp_rh_integration_06.html In the article, he describes a workaround for getting the player controls and border to appear when you insert a Captivate movie into RoboHelp (a Captivate movie that was created outside of RoboHelp). However, I've found that when I import the Captivate swf file with the word _skin in it (there are a couple of swf files Captivate outputs), the borders and player controls appear automatically without the workaround. Is this a bug that Captivate 3 and RoboHelp 7 fixed from the previous version?