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    After Effects CS6 BSOD


      I have a problem with After Effects which causes my computer to BSOD. When I use certain effects, or combination of certain effects it causes my computer to BSOD.


      The CC Slant combined with CC Cross Blur causes my computer to BSOD. The moment when I apply to the CC slant to the footage and starting messing around with the keyframes my computer instantly BSOD's.


      The CC Burn also causes the same problem. and also the Ramp effect


      I think that this is a GPU related problem.


      My Computer specs.



      AMD 1090T 3.2 GHz

      Kingston 16 GB 1333MHz RAM

      XFX 6950 2 GB.


      I have latest drivers on my GPU. Everything is running at the stock speeds.


      I found few other people who have  the similar/same problem. In fact one guy has the exact same problem as me. Both people have AMD gpus.






      This person has the exact same problem as me. ^


      It is a GPU problem I believe.


      I believe I had this problem with CS5.5 also.