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    Imac and Macbook Pro (dream) configurations


      I am buying an Imac and a Macbook Pro. I edit with the entire Premiere Production Suite CS5.5.


      Right now I am using a 2008 white Macbook, which I brought to its deathbed by editing a 40 minute documentary on- so I know anything will be better than what I have, which I still use despite its broken logic board.


      I would love to buy an amazing macbook and be portable since I love to travel and film, but financially that won't fly and would make me nervous to transport anyways.


      So I have resolved to:

      1. buy a souped-up Imac for about $2,500-$3,000 to run the entire Production Suite on.


      2. buy an adequate macbook for about $1,500-$2,000 to run only Premiere Pro on.


      What I need help with are the minimum requirements for a Macbook just for Pro and the best I can get for $3,000 for an Imac.


      If you could help a sister out. I always get tripped up on the amount of memory that I should get, whether a SSD is better than 7200 rpm, and if 2.6 GHz is really worse than 2.7GHz...


      Basically it's best if someone could just point and say "get this one."


      [unless you can find a free PC for me, I am a Mac lover since even my poor little buddy of a computer is still trucking it out and has no viruses]

      {also I use a Canon Vixia, Canon 60D and my Iphone for video recording if that matters}


      THANK YOU!