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    Possible to Netstream act like flash.media.Sound?


      I developed an AIR mp3 player to play remote mp3 files by using flash.media.Sound  and I wanna enhance the player to support .m4a files .However , I found the the flash.media.Sound doesnt support .m4a.


      Now, I build another play by using NetStream to access the remote .m4a files:


      Here is the segment

                      this._conn = new NetConnection();


                      this._ns= new NetStream(this._conn);


                      this._ns.client  = {onMetaData:this.onMetaData};



      However , I found that the NetStream object is acting differently comparing with flash.media.Sound


      When I was using the flash.media.Sound , it can play the music when the file is opened so the music can be played very quickly .However, the NetStream object, play only when the file is fully downloaded causing a bad user experience.


      That's the problem i currently encounter, I am trying  let the NetStream object act like the flash.media.Sound.


      So far , i tried the use URLStream and FileStream and NetStream.appendBytes() but no luck.


      Would somebody has any idea rather than using a media server?