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    Hotspot Links Don't Work After Export


      I hope somebody here can help me. I have inserted a hotspot link into an image and when I export it and then open the exported file, the link doesn't work and there isn't even a clickable area. I have tried saving as a gif, animated gif, jpg, I used the export wizard and nothing works. The weird thing is that I did the very same thing a month ago and it worked just fine.


      If anybody is confused about what I am talking about , see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GxynFtfwPk


      As you can see, he inserts several hotspot links and then exports the image as a gif and is able to then open the gif and click on the hotspot links. I followed every step he did exactly and the hotspot does not seem to be carried over in my export for some reason.


      Anybody able to help? Please? Pretty please?

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          groove25 Level 4

          Wow, "pretty please"? You're pulling out the big guns.


          The trick that you're missing is that links are a component of HTML, not image files. Instead of exporting your Fireworks PNG as a stand-alone image file, such as GIF or JPEG, you need to export it as "HTML and Images". You can choose this option in the dialog that appears after choosing File > Export. (Currently, this dialog may be set to export "Images Only".)


          If you look really closely in the demonstration video—around 3:18—you'll see the "HTML and Images" option has been chosen.

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            Annapurna2012 Level 1

            Thank you! You know what? I had already been doing it that way, but for some reason the HTML file wasn't embedding in my email and so I thought I had to use the gif file. Then something clicked when I read your comment. I don't know how your comment was the one, but all of a sudden I realized that I had been trying to put the HTML file in the email as a picture instead of as a file using "insert as text." You, sir, are an indirect hero!


            (Pretty please works everytime.)