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    Having problem with images imported from photoshop

    VL Branko Level 2

      I am totally new to Fireworks, I am redoing a site that was done using CS2, that is GoLive, Photoshop and Image Ready. I wanted to begin familiarizing myself with Fireworks by starting with using it to make all the web images for the site (jpgs, pngs, etc). It started well but after a while I started getting strange results from FW when I imported PSD files. The PSD imports fine into FW but when I want to "preview" or do a "2-UP" and see what it looks like as a jpg or png I just get a blank image where the jpg or png is supposed to be. However if I "export" the jpg it does get exported, but I would like to preview it to see what the quality is. This doesn't happen every time but at least 50% of the time in the last 2 days, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind why it works with some images but not others.


      Another thing is that if I add a layer effect to the image such as "inner glow" to the PS image, and then flatten the image to make sure it gets exported to FW, it doesn't get exported. It is as if I never added the layer effect in PS.


      Any help on these two issues would be greatly appreciated and help me to continue in perservering with FW.


      VL Branko

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          groove25 Level 4

          So Preview and 2-Up are failing 50% of the time... Have you tried using File > Image Preview instead?


          Can you spell out exactly how you're importing the files into Fireworks? I'm guessing that you're simply opening the PSDs in Fireworks. (I think that's the only option, right?) Have you tried experimenting with the Photoshop File Open Options dialog that appears when you open the PSD in Fireworks—for example, choosing "Maintain Layer Editability…" vs "Maintain Photoshop Layer Appearance"? Also, have you tried saving the file as a native Fireworks PNG before using Preview and 2-Up?


          I'm not sure about the "Inner Glow" issues, but many Photoshop effects should effectively translate into Fireworks without having to flatten first, thanks in part to the Photoshop Live Effects within Fireworks.


          BTW, what versions are you using and on what operating system?

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            VL Branko Level 2

            I am opening using Adobe Bridge because it is easier to select files that way because you can see ahead of time what they look like rather than remember a file name. I am using CS6 on a Mac using Snowleopard.


            However, I will try your other suggestions to see if they help.

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              VL Branko Level 2

              Yes I did try saving it to PNG in PS before opening in FW.


              The most frustrating part is the fact that the image in FW is not the same in as in PS. The idea of adding the "inner glow" effect in PS is to have a very small inner glow on the edge of images that are darker so that when a drop shadow is added in Dreamweaver using CSS it gives a little bit of contrast so that the eye picks up a subtle edge separating the image from the drop shadow. This would not be necessary in a brighter image but a nice effect in a darker image.


              I suppose I could lower my aesthetic standards, as it is a nice but subtle effect. What is really bothering me is that it should work and isn't.


              Thank you for your help I think I just need to get some sleep, been working on it all night.


              VL Branko

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                groove25 Level 4

                I don't think I've cracked open Bridge since upgrading to CS5/CS6, and I'm hesitant to start today! I'm therefore kind of assuming that you're starting with PSDs and opening them up in Fireworks. (If you're not doing this, give it a try.)


                Regarding the 50% failure of Preview and 2-Up modes, I was thinking that saving the PSDs as native Fireworks PNGs—within Fireworks—might eliminate that problem. It's hard to imagine Fireworks not previewing its own file format, but easier to imagine it failing to properly preview a PSD file. And again, perhaps File > Image Preview might work better for you.


                As far as the "inner glow" issue: 1) Be sure to add it into the PSD before importing into Fireworks, and 2) If it doesn't show up, have a look at Filters within the Properties panel for the selected object; you could try selecting Inner Glow within ‘Photoshop Live Effects’ or try out Fireworks' own native Inner Glow filter effect.


                Other than for the purpose of familiarizing yourself with Fireworks, you may want to consider why you'd use Fireworks for these graphics, if they were originally created in Photoshop. Small changes in graphic appearance are always possible when moving between applications. For example, Photoshop is color managed whereas Fireworks is not; you therefore might notice a small shift in saturation or tonality between the two applications. Whether this is a concern depends on your final output goals.

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                  VL Branko Level 2

                  I have reinstalled CS6 (took 2 tries) and later I will try it agian.


                  One reason I  used FW is for PNG 32 which is not available in PS. The other was claim that FW could make smaller compressed files while preserving the image at a higher quality. But other than that I am beginning to have second thoughts about using FW to compress graphics created in PS. With Image Ready it was fully comptible with PS and a pleasure to work with. But it seems that PS and FW may not play so well together.


                  I will try your suggestions offered. Where is FW's "Inner glow" effect? As I said I am totally new to FW, but been usng PS since 1999. I am by no means a master of PS but know my way around it and can usualy get what I need done with PS when it comes to images.


                  Again that you for the time you have taken to consider my problem.


                  VL Branko

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                    groove25 Level 4

                    I don't know about compression/quality differences between Photoshop and Fireworks. The PNG32 format should be identical to PNG24 with Transparency (which can be found in Photoshop). That said, there may be some formats offered by Fireworks only—for example, PNG8 with Alpha Transparency—which can be useful at times.


                    Filter effects can be found in the Properties panel, once you've selected an object on the canvas, like a bitmap or a vector. There are two "Inner Glow" options: the native FW effect (under "Shadow and Glow") and the Photoshop Live Effect. Photoshop Live Effects can be applied in Fireworks but have limited controls; you're generally better off applying the effect in Photoshop and then importing the file into Fireworks, where the original effect settings should be honored.


                    Filters in Properties panel.pngFilters menu.png

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                      VL Branko Level 2

                      I think that for now I will just go back to using PS for image compression it works quite well and if I need transparent PNGs I will use FW.


                      If I need to design a new site I will definitely try FW. But I am wondering about importing images from PS as I am more familair with it and from I have read PS is more robust for expressing ones creativity when it comes to images, and I don't mean making buttons.


                      Too bad Adobe can't get the two to play ncely with each other. I do like teh idea of using FW for creating site mockups but it needs more integration with PS from my limited experience with it.

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                        VL Branko Level 2

                        I came up with a better solution, rather than to try and compress the images in either PS or FW and then import them DreamWeaver I have found that it it is faster to just import the image directly into DW as a Smart Object and compress it from there. It saves some steps, thus faster workflow, compression is very good, I am able to organize working images for the site better and if I have to change an image for whatever reason it will be easy to update it in PS and it automatically gets updated in DW.

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                          groove25 Level 4

                          Interesting! Thanks for posting this.


                          I didn't know about this feature; apparently, it was introduced in CS4. Up through CS5, these Smart Objects in DW were optimized using an Image Preview dialog almost exactly like Fireworks' own. (As of CS6, this dialog has been streamlined and minimized, with the results being previewed directly in the design view layout instead.)


                          Image Preview in DW CS5.png

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                            VL Branko Level 2

                            They had Smart Objects in CS2 but then with the acquisition of Macromedia and the inherent incompatibility I seem to recall that for a time Smart Objects was dropped. But now as DW and FW become more "Adobe-ized," as one friend put it, Smart Objects has been re-introduced in DW along with some other features that were in GoLive. Anway considering that I had to work on about 200 images Smart Objects really made things go much quicker and I was finished much sooner than I had anticipated using the other method.


                            Smart Objects in DW also works with images created in FW so useful for which ever image editor you use.