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    Controling Ink Limit while using effects and stroke and etc.

    SeniorSSS Level 2



      I've got intresting (for my opinion) and important question (for ones of printing press).


      Usually there is restriction for Total Ink. Personaly for me it almost always 300. So it's if design or elements of it with overlay is made in Indesign then all those shadows, stroke with 100%K can produce much Total Ink.

      For example you can have cyan:100%;yellow:100%;magenta:100%;black:0%. Now if above it is element with some color with stroke black:100% (default one) then Total Ink = 400!!! And it's enough if object itself with Total Ink to have stroke 100%K to make problems.

      And, of course, all those effects can produce Total Ink much more that legit.


      So, is there some normal way to control Total Ink in Indesign CS5? Or maybe there is something in CS6?






      P.S. If question is hard to understand i can try to explain it some other way (english isn't my native language)