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    Premiere Pro CS6 is running poorly after installing Mountain Lion on MacBook Pro?


      I've seen a few similar posts but nothing to fix the poor playback issues I'm now getting in Premiere CS6. Seems to be after updating to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on my mid 2010 MacBook Pro 2.66 i7 with GeForce GT 330M. I plan to upgade at some point but it's worked fine for editing in FCP7, CS5 and CS6 up till I upgraded the OS to Mountain Lion. The only ML driver I could find for the card was the Cuda 5.0.37. It is really dificault and impossible to edit AVCHD files as before. After a few cuts, playback comes to a halt. When rendering preview, I'll get one or two bright red dropped frames throught out the time line. I unistalled and reinstalled Premiere CS6. I'm about ready to go back to OS X 10.6 so I can get back to editing. If anyone has any answers it would be very helpful. Thanks