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    Edge and iPad- creating a smooth scrolling carousel

    RussMSN Level 2

      Hey all,


      I am looking at making a demo for something within my ipad.  I'm basically loading a website on the ipad.


      What I'm trying to create however is a smooth scrolling carousel within the site, something similar to this:


      http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/touchcarousel/#carousel-gallery  (example 2)


      When viewed on a touch device (and even on a pc with a mouse) the images scroll really nicely, elastic - similar to how the ipad scrolls anyway.


      I want to create the same within edge.  Is that possible?   I did try just creating a DIV and setting the overflow to scroll -- that sort of works, although it doesn't have

      the elastic scroll properties that I was hoping for - plus sometimes the div scrolls, sometimes the actual website itself moves...


      Any ideas/thoughts on how this could be done?


      Thanks in advance!!