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    upgraded to CS5 5.0.3 and now having external monitor output problems


      hi all I have 2 monitors and a HDMI tv connected to my Geforce GTX 660 Ti in exactly the same configuration as you see in the picture (with monitor 2 as my primary display - it being my left hand monitor and then monitor 1 being my TV)


      When I choose external device in the playback window I get Monitor 1 60p 1920x1080 as I used to, but now after upgrading from 5.0.0 to 5.0.3 when I click apply I get a full screen picture on monitor 2.


      I have removed and reconnected the HDMI cable for monitor 1 and tried again, plus restarted a couple of times but I can't get the output to monitor 1 to actually show on what windows calls monitor 1 (the TV)


      Would love some advice..!