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    No auto-save


      Hello...  Would anyone know why my auto-save function does not perform (CS6)?  I have it checked in preferences for every fifteen minutes, 6 versions.  No folder is created, and no auto-save window pops up while editing.... ever.  I've tried changing the interval times & no. of versions.  I've built several "dummy" projects, still no auto-save folders are being created.  It would be great not having to hit control-s after every edit.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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          IIRC, AutoSave is invoked, after the first time that the Project is Saved (File>Save, or Ctrl-S), and should then function, per your Preferences.


          I do seem to recall an older post, regarding AutoSaves not functioning, but thought that was for one of the updates to CS 4? Will see if I can locate that, in case there is something useful for you in it.


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          [Edit] OK, here it is, but there is not much in it, other than a link to a similar issue in CS6: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4708480#4708480