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    PDF/X-3:2 (PDF 1.3): Destination differs from Output Intent; how to set Destination …

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      In InDesign CS5 (7.0), I set up a document containing greyscale images (profile: Dot Gain 15%) and cmyk-images (profile: Euroscale Coated v2). The latter is also the working space, and it is also the Output Intent Profile Name set in the Export Adobe PDF Dialog under Output – PDF/X. The Colour Settings in the .indd set the Colour Management Policies to Preserve Embedded Profiles (and Colour Conversion is set to No).

      Now, when exporting this .indd to a .pdf (PDF/X-3:2 (PDF 1.3)), the Summary tells me that the Destination is ISO Uncoated Yellowish, and Acrobat (View – Navigation Panels – Standards) feels:



      Standard: PDF/X-3:2002

      ISO Name: ISO 15930-3

      Status: verification succeeded





      Identifier: ISO Uncoated Yellowish

      Info: ISO Uncoated Yellowish


      —so what was Destination in the export settings now appears as Output Intent, meaning:  the Destination overrides the OutputIntent as set in the export settings.

      I have no idea where this ISO Uncoated Yellowish comes from. As far as I can see, nothing, neither in the placed content, nor in the document, has this profile set.


      In a second document, with the exact same settings as specified above and the only difference that it contains only greyscale images. In this case, Acrobat sees the Identifier as FOGRA1 (which is indeed the (greyed out, unchangeable) setting in the export Dialog's Output – PDF/X – Output Condition Identifiert—but that is the case in the first document, too), and the Info as Euroscale Coated v2. This seems correct, but why might "ISO Uncoated Yellowish" appear in the first case, and how would I get rid of it and set  the correct Destination?


      Thanks a lot.