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    HELP! What's the best book/resource for learning more complex interactions in EdgeAnimate?


      Hi there,


      I'm completely new to the world of HTML5/javascript etc and I'm looking for a book/person that will teach me (in a comprehensive, 'from the ground up' kind of way) how to apply these sorts of interactions.


      1: Drag a symbol and 'throw' it so that the object continues moving at the velocity of finger swipe after the user removes their hand from the screen, slowly decreasing with a pre defined 'inertia' variable.


      2: Drag a symbol away from its initial location so that it 'springs' back to it's initial starting point.


      3: 'Hit test' principles so that if the user had 'thrown' a symbol I could detect if it had collided with a 'floor' or 'wall' and it would then bounce or would affect the inertia.


      4: Smooth drag and drop so that the symbol you are 'carrying' is subjected to a easing formula that makes the motion smoother and less erratic than whan just dragging the actual object directly.


      5: Drag and drop in a constrained arc with the symbol rotating back to it's original point as if it were a pendulum. So, the higher you initially drag the item, the faster it would swing back, initially overshooting it's original point, until an inertia variable would eventually mean it would settle at it's origin.


      I've seen a few books about EDGE in general, but they seem to be more about how to use the drawing tools and perform basic interactions (on click stop at frame whatever etc).


      I guess I need a book on java script, but I'm very keen for something that can communicate how to do these things directly within edge (so wether you enter the code on frame update or touch start etc)


      If anybody out there knows of a useful resource to achieve these kind of results I woudl be REALLY greatful. I know there are some posts on the forums that detail some of these things, but I need something that explains in a simple way how and why you do something so that I can properly grasp it.