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    Output editable brochure


      I have been asked by a nonprofit client to create a brochure which they can edit. They will send this to a professional printer and only feel they need to update text, not the images.


      They don't have InDesign, so the only thing I can think of is creating an editable PDF brochure. I've Googled this, but no definitive answer comes up. So I'm asking this forum, is it possible to create a print quality piece that someone without InDesign or Acrobat pro can edit?

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          Tom Usrey Level 3

          I'm sure someone will come along with more information -- but, have them contact Adobe for a "non-profit" copy of InDesign.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Editable PDF is a contradiction in terms.


            While some editing is possible what you're looking to do here is not.


            Either they need to buy InDesign (and learn how to use it) or pay you to

            make the changes.



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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Or do the job in Word. (Ugh).

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Or look into cheaper alternatives such as Serif Plus or the opensource

                (free) Scribus.



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                  fumcarlington Level 1

                  You guys are just confirming what I thought. I will direct them to TechSoup and see about getting them a copy of InDesign.


                  I refuse on principle to EVER design something in word. Blek.

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                    MW Design Level 5

                    BTW, That would be Serif PagePlus...


                    One can purchase one version back (in this case PagePlus X5 as X6 is current) for 50% or more off the current version, often off of Amazon or by calling Serif.


                    I use PP for anything I don't need to do in ID. It is quite capable.



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                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      Whoops... thanks.



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                        MW Design Level 5

                        No worries.


                        But I would like to add something. One can use the purchased PagePlus to design something and the client use the free version to edit anything in that file. However, if one uses OpenType features available in PPX6, for instance, they will not be avialable in the free version.


                        So depending on what features are used, having the paid-for version used by the designer and the free version used by the non-profit might work out. Just need to be aware of what can and cannot be done. I know of several non-profits that do this.


                        But with the price of X5, it would behoove both to use the sane version. And if features like OpenType features are important, X6 really can be squeezed into any non-profit's budget.


                        Take care, Mike

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                          Tom Usrey Level 3

                          I see that the latest version of Serif PagePlus is $99.99. A non-profit license for InDesign CS6 is $199.99.

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                            MW Design Level 5



                            Depending on the PDF (ID's are the most variable) it can open for editing (yeah, bad practice) most all PDFs as well. Which is cheaper than a well-known plug-in. Caveats apply, of course. I just had to do this for a small contract. Person created a catalog in PP, exported a PDF and accidentally delete all copies of the native files. Worse part was reconstructing the tables because of how they hit a PDF. Once I created and saved the table style in use, it was a matter of copying individual frames of text that use to be in cells into the new tables. Everything else was easy.


                            Now, there are missing features in PP that makes some things far better in ID (which I do really like). Running heads/feet is one of them. While one can have as many paster pages as one wants in PP, it is still a PITA. Some people have issues with the Book facility, I never have even with a near 600 page book. ePub is OK as far as it goes. Still cleanup in most cases in Sigil or whatnot.


                            I look at PP as I use to PageMaker. I used Ventura for any and all long documents up until X number of years ago. But if I had something to do that was more "free-wheeling" I would use PM. That's how I look at ID versus PP.


                            Sorry to turn this into an infomercial. Won't happen again.