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    Check if Touchend is a swipe before action


      I'm trying to create a carousel in Edge for the ipad.  I'm getting there now.  I have a div with an overflow scroll, and inside that are various buttons.


      I have a touchend action over the buttons, but what I want to do is make sure that the user is just tapping, and not scrolling across.  At the moment, if they goto scroll (with their finger of course) as soon as they lift off, it thinks its a touchend and plays the action I asked it to.


      Is there a way of checking where the finger starts, and where it finishes, and if it's not the same place, it doesnt play the touchend action?


      Or is that over complicating it and actually there's a much easier solution?


      I've been googling around and can't find a solution


      Any help would be super!