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    Clipboard Copy/Paste

    Seth Urquhart

      I have had this problem many times with both CS6 and CS5. I'm not sure if this is a Photoshop question or a Windows OS 8 question but anyways it seems to only happen with Photoshop.


      I copy an image offline to edit in photoshop. After I'm finished I save it and delete the image layer from the workspace to get ready for the next image. I grab another image that I want to paste in the same photshop workspace. When I paste, it pastes the same image I copied first. It even does this when I restart Photoshop, so that's why I think it may have to do with Windows Clipboard.


      I'm also really interested in details about how 'Copy/Paste" and the "Clipboard" work with different programs so I can best understand how to utilize it with what seems to be a simple tool, yet I still find myslef with questions because I don't filly undertsnad it.

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          We've seen this from time to time -- and all was can determine is that something is preventing the OS from telling Photoshop that there is new content on the clipboard.  We've even tried forcing Photoshop to always import the clipboard (even if the OS says nothing is new), but that doesn't seem to solve it.


          Our best guesses are an OS bug, or a third party application/utility is interfering with the OS clipboard (and we have seen that happen with some specific products like JDownloader).

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            Seth Urquhart Level 1

            Can't be an application problem, I don't have any thrid parties interacting with Photoshop CS6, must be a OS bug. I'm running Windows 8 so that is very quite possible, but it also happens on my laptop running OS Windows 7. For some reason I think it's not a bug, and there is some reason for why it has this "problem". Maybe it's not a problem for the big scheme of things. I don't know, I wish I knew the programming that went into "Clipboard". It's a simple tool that everybody uses, but nobody really knows how it works.

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              It still could be a utility program.

              But we've been over this bug several times, and still can't figure out why the OS stops telling the application about changes to the clipboard.   MS has tried debugging it as well, but neither of us can reproduce the problem, so we're stuck waiting for clues.

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                Seth Urquhart Level 1

                Do you have any information on how to "correctly" use Clipboard from your own experience, or should I ask on a Microsoft forum? If I knew entirely, what I was doing when I Copy, Cut, Paste, that copuld minimize problems I might have.

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                  You are using it correctly - there is just something unknown causing interference between the OS and applications.