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    Barclays EPDQ MPI Payment gateway (arcot)

      I'm really having trouble integrating this payment gateway, has anyone else managed to integrate the MPI version of this?

      I have been trying to integrate the "Internet Authentication" 3-D secure part of this API.

      So far I have the .jar files installed.

      I also have the following code working.

      a = createObject("java","com.arcot.xfms.XFMS_Java_API");
      b = createObject("java","com.arcot.xfms.XFMSFactory");
      c = createObject("java","com.arcot.xfms.ErrorDetail");


      <cfdump var="#b#">

      This gives me a list of methods but when trying to access the methods I just get told that they don't exist.

      I have spoken with EPDQ but they tell me that Coldfusion isn't supported and they don't know if it will work and they don't have any examples.

      If anyone can help me crack this I think it would be worth posting a tutorial somewhere because I can't find 1 for the MPI anywhere!?

      Hope someone can help, let me know if you need more information.