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    H.264 vs H.264 Blu-ray VBR 2-pass bit rate presets ...

    joneisele Level 1

      If I select H.264 1080i, 29.97fps VBR 2-pass PP CS6 is recommending a target bit rate of 30 mbps and a max of 40 mbps.  However, if I switch to H.264 Blu-ray I get 25/30.  I was curious if there are logical reasons here for the difference. 


      In case it matters ... home movie (birthday parties, spring break trip, etc.), target output is playback on PC and PS3, and then Blu-ray disc.   I've given up on the one file concept and was leaning towards an .mp4 and then separate .m4v/.wav files to feed to Encore.   Curious what you would set for bit rates, if you would go VBR 2-pass, etc. (encoding time is not an issue).