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    Tagging Individual Pages with SiteCatalyst Variables in CQ5


      Hey Guys,


      I'm struggling with tagging individuals pages with SiteCatalyst variables in CQ5. I'm looking for insight/guidance around the following categories:


      -CQ Variable documentation: Within the configuration environment, items under the CQ variable column (“pagedata.title”, “pagedata.path”, “pagedata.navTitle”, etc.) appear. Do you have any documentation for each term?


      -SiteCatalyst variables: Within the configuration environment,  users can drag and drop SiteCatalyst custom variables into any CQ Variable buckets (“pagedata.title”, “pagdata.path”, “pagedata.navTitle”, etc.). Do you have any examples successfully mapping SiteCatalyst and CQ5 variables together?


      -SiteCatalyst view: Within the configuration environment, this page’s options are unclear. Any information or guidance would be highly appreciated.


      - View pages within CQ5: After viewing the Connecting CQ with Adobe SiteCatlayst documentation, within the “ADDING CLICKSTREAM  CLOUD VARIABLE MAPING” section, it appears users can tag pages with custom variables. Enabled within the “Page Properties” tab, I’m unable to find this section.


      Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated!!!