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    Business Catalyst Integration

    Daryl Barnes Level 1

      From reading the responses of the Adobe team here, it appears Edge Code is focusing on client side coding and integration with the other Edge tools and services.  And interestingly there appears to be plans to make Edge Code work in the Cloud.


      So with that being the case, it appears that with Business Catalyst being one of the Edge services that handles the server side, it seems Edge Code and Business Catalyst would make a great combination.


      Are there any plans to add a Business Catalyst extension that accesses the BC modules and tags and maybe even make Edge Code work directly in the Cloud in the Admin backend of a Business Catalyst site/subscription? 



      I know that we are able to add extensions to Brackets and Edge Code but since BC is owned by you guys, it seems to me like there is a huge opportunity there for something special because of how well Business Catalyst and Edge Code seem to complement each other.

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          ryanstewartadobe Adobe Employee

          Hey Daryl, thanks for posting this. I'm filling in as Brackets PM while the main PM (Adam) is out on paternity leave/sabbatical.


          I did a little bit of research into what Business Catalyst integration would look like. One of the things that looked like it might be interesting is to use Edge Code as the BC editor in the browser, as you mentioned. Edge Code is a ways off from having a browser-based version, but it's definitely something that's on the roadmap. The other option is the extension you mentioned. I looked into a bit to try and figure out what a BC extension could do but wasn't familiar enough with how BC works to know which features to focus on.


          I'll reach out to the BC team and start doing some more information gathering.




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            Daryl Barnes Level 1

            Hi Ryan and thanks for your reply.  There is currently an extension built into Dreamweaver CS6 that accesses the Business Catalyst modules and tags.  It actually works very well. If Edge Code could offer something similar, that would be awesome. The ultimate solution would be the browser based version in the BC Admin. 


            The BC team is putting out some amazing stuff right now and there's a need for a really good and highly integrated coding tool to go along with it.  I bought into the Creative Cloud and the Edge Tools and Services in particular because of the promise that these new tools and services would be designed to actually work well together and overall work better than just using separate tools from any company.  If there is no integration, I might as well be using Sublime Text 2, Coda, etc. but I don't want to do that.


            I hope you guys and the Business Catalyst team are working closely together because Edge Code and BC really do complement each other very well.  I also like how web centric and forward thinking both teams seem to be.  Looking forward to seeing what type of integrations you all come up with.

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              Bogdan Ripa Employee Moderator

              Hey Daryl,


              This is Bogdan Ripa - Business Ctaalyst Product Owner.


              Thanks for your note. As you can imagine, our teams have talked in the past about a potential integration, and edventually it will happen. I know how valuable this would be for our partners, and I'm a big advocate that we build it.


              While Brackets does not have (yet) a browser-based version, we have integrated directly with Code Mirror and have built a code editor in Business Catalyst directly. Our next release (scheduked for next Tuesday) will actually take our in-browser code editor out of alpha, and all partners will be able to use it. Here is how it will look like:

              BC Develop Mode.png


              When the Brackets code editor will be ready for in-browser use, we'll take that branch and use it ourselves.


              Again - thanks for the note!


              - Bogdan