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    My elements 11 won't open files, can someone help?


      I have photoshop elements 11. It was working and then I had to close the program and go do something else. When I turned my computer back on I couldn't get elements to open any of my files. It won't open Jpg or Raw. I've tried restarting my computer mulitple times and It hasn't changed. It still won't open files. It will freeze and then close out of the program. Can someone please help me? I just recently got this program for christmas and i'm really wanting it to work.

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          ukgaurav Adobe Employee

          Please try this:


          Solution 1:


          1) Close Elements.

          2) Hit on PSE desktop icon to launch welcome screen

          3) Click Alt+Ctrl+Shift on your keyboad and with all three keys pressed click Photo editor. Do not release when you will see a dialog box asking you to delete the PSE preferences.

          4) Hit ok and check now.


          Solution 2:

          1) Launch Editor.

          2) Hit File->open and choose any small file of size < 1 MB and see if it opens fine

          3) Try file->open as and choose any file and choose camera raw from file format and when shown ACR dialog box hit ok and will open file in editor.


          I hope you are not importing fron any network location which might cause the process to slow or freeze depending on network settings and secutiry issues.


          Let me know your comments,