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    Constantly Being Asked To Upgrade To 11.5

    Holy Hell 4245

      Every website that I open pops up a little window asking if Adobe Updater can make changes to my system. Yesterday, because I had nothing better to do, I went ahead and followed the download, installation and all other update procedures exactly as instructed each time. My computer has upgraded to Flash Version 11.5 more than 35 times now and still asks me to do this today. I looked up some answers already about this but the tech support people said it seems to be a problem with the website that the original complainer provided as an example. They said something about the site being written with a future version of flash in mind, or something like that. They did ask for additional URLs of sites but no one provided any. Here's a list of some of the sites which cause a prompt for an update:




      www.cnn.com (Interestingly, FOX does not.)