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      I have a little problem. I downloaded an Adobe Edge Animate program yesterday and I was trying to create something. However, how can I make something in  Adobe Edge Animate to have the background in form like in this onehttp://html.adobe.com/edge/animate/showcase/catch/catch.html.  So you can resize it and the background will be always fixed, but I always have it like this: http://html.adobe.com/edge/animate/showcase/timeline/timeline.html   So there is nothing around - just white backgrounf. Thank you.

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          Franck Payen MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You need to tweak with the size of your stage and your elements. By default you have fixed size in pixels, if you click on the "px" it turns into a "%" and you've got percentage for that scene and the other elements.


          You should take a look at the "lessons" panel, where you'll find really simple step by step tutorial.

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            If I'm understanding you correctly, you want the background to take up the entire screen but have your graphics/slideshows, etc... to stay the size you want them?


            If so, as Franck said, make the background 100%.  To do this, click on the "stage" and in the top left corner you can change the backbround from pixels to percent - make it 100%.

            Then for your objects, place them on the stage and make them the size you normally would.  Now your background covers the entire browser window but your content will be any size you give it.



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              Pogrebnyak97 Level 1

              Yes! Thanks lot - now it works. Hovewer I got another problem.  Take a look here again: http://html.adobe.com/edge/animate/showcase/catch/catch.html . When I make this website smaller, the birds (in the right corner ), of course are getting smaller and also it is always fixed in that corner, but in my website (when I see the preview of it) when I am making my website smaller - the object goes everywhere it wants- so it is not fixed. How can I make it working? Thank you'

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                shadowfax007 Level 1

                As for the page getting smaller, you can fix that by adding a min. width (below where you set the background to 100%).  This way, the page will olny get as small as you want it to.


                As for the birds being fixed in the corner, I couldn't tell you without seeing the Edge site files...





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                  Pogrebnyak97 Level 1

                  Ok, I will ask in general. Is there any solution how to place any object in Adobe Edge Animate (anywhere), to see it always fixed in web browser on the same place. (I mean, it alway has to be on the same place when is the web browser page getting smaller and smaller.)


                  I made a background, which was ok in web browser. Then I tried to place a picture on background - I placed in the corner. Hovewer, when I was changing the size of web browser page, the picture moved to center, than to another corner...you know. But these birds are fixed in the cornen all the time - so I do not understand how this website  was created...

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                    shadowfax007 Level 1

                    Ok, how about trying this:


                    Keep your "width" to 100%


                    "Pin" the birds image to the bottom right corner of the screen:

                    On the left, under "Position and Size", there is a 4-square image at the top left of the section (to the left of the "Global" and "applied" buttons.  Click on the square in the bottom right corner - this will "pin" the image to always be based on the bottom right of the browser window, no matter what the browser window is.



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                      Pogrebnyak97 Level 1

                      Thanks a lot! It works!


                      And just one little thing. I want to know, what do you think is better Adobe Muse or Adobe Edge Animate - I mean what is more better and advanced for creating websites.


                      (I havent ever used Adobe Muse yet)

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                        Franck Payen MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        Depends on the number of pages and interactivity you want :

                        • Just moving things around, moving rectangles, adding interactions, and animations, stay on Animate.
                        • Many pages, a lot of images to work with, but only one person working on that, give a try to Muse (site map and masterpages, styles, etc).
                        • Many pages, automatic content, many people working on that, go on a more complex soft (like Dreamweaver) or hand coding (Brackets/Edge Code).

                        My 2 cents.