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    Component definition

    easypzmaths Level 1
      I am looking at code from a book example. A symbol is called from the library and used on the stage. The class appears to be dynamic because a reference to a variable called cardface appears out of nowhere in the as file (fla is set to STRICT). When debugging, the variable doesn't exist until the line where it is used. After this the variable can be seen. I am thinking to myself that the library right-click option "Component definition" would allow me to set the variable so that it is available in the Class. Unfortunately there is no guidance in the help system on this. I am required to endlessly search to try and get help (not yet found). Why does Adobe not give us this essential help - i.e. how to use their dialog boxes? I am such a fan of Flash (AS3) but there are some part of the system still painfully inadequate.

      Any pointers would be appeciated.