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    Change Background Colour from White to Cream

    rahj Level 1



      I have shot a large number of tutorial videos. These videos have a pure white background behind the talent. However, I would like to change the background colour to a less harsh cream/very light grey colour. I have attached the image of the talent in front of the white background.


      I have tried using the colour key effect in the Premier Pro CS6 program. I selected the white background to key it out. And then placed a .psd file of the cream/light grey colour behind the video to show through. However, the talent has white areas in her dress, and white areas in between strands of her hair are not keying out. This alongside movement of her hands creates a brief white trail after them, making the whole effect look somewhat unprofessional.

      Is there a way to achieve this effect to change the white background whilst still maintaining the 'professional' integrity of the video? Would a filter effect of a slight grey shade be possible? Or are there less invasive ways to achieve this effect for just the background? Your help will be very much appreciated!


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      miriam ci.PNG