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    How do I allow Adobe Flash updates through Software Restriction Policies in a domain?


      I'm trying to find the easiest way to allow users to download and install Adobe Flash updates without having administrative privilleges.  We have tried the unattended install method, however there are so many updates to Flash, it seems like every couple days we're having to download the newest version and push it out. 


      How can I use software restriction policies to allow users to download and install Flash?  Is path rules the best option?  Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.


      Message was edited by: Gralen84 After playing around with all the different types of rules, (path, hash, etc.) I am unable to allow normal users the ability to install or update Adobe Flash.  Due to the fact that the domain users can only write to their own profile and not to the whole computer, even software restriction policies won't override that.  Unless anyone has any suggestions, it appears the only way to do the Flash Updates accross the domain is downloading the offline installer file associated with the newest version of Flash, and using a script to push it out to all machines.  If you know of a different way, please provide it as this is very time consuming.