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    Design View Replacement Found

    RandomReado Level 1

      If like me you want to develop Flex applications with a Design View so you can actually see what you're doing as you code, check out IntelliJ and the Flash Designer UI plugin. It supports Flex 4.8+ and features a design view that runs in an AIR application. For me this is better than Flash Builder's previous design view since it now means I can code on one monitor and see the changes (in real-time too!!) in the design view app on my other monitor - essentially reducing development time.

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          leejk Level 1

          Would you happen to have any screen shots or anything? Sounds interesting.

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            RandomReado Level 1

            We haven't yet made the switch since we have no plans to use the new SDKs just yet. However today I found a way to enable Design View with the new SDKs, fully operational in Flash Builder 4.6. I had to remove the new SDKs from Flash Builder first, then edit the flex-sdk-description.xml file located in the SDK folder, changing the "version" value to "4.6.0". Then I re-added the SDK into Flash Builder and changed my existing project to the new SDK, and hey I had a fully operational Design View. I tried this with Flex SDK 4.9 and it works great. Worth a try if you want to be able to design applications using the latest SDKs.