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    MovieClip Panel addChild, has to be possible

    DCalisuni Level 1
      Hey all,

      Flex 3 beta 2

      I'm trying to add a movieclip to a panel, because I want to be able to scroll the content of that movieclip, does anyone have a suggestion?

      The setup I have now is the movie clip is being added to a spacer, and the spacer is inside a panel in which clipContent is set to true. This still doesn't work, sadly.

      Thanks for the help!
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          peterent Level 2
          MovieClip is a Flash class, Panel is a Flex class. In order for an object to become a child of a Panel it has to be a Flex component - derived from UIComponent, which MovieClip is not.

          You can however, add a MovieClip child to a UIComponent. So create a class which extends UIComponent and then add your MovieClip to the class. Now this component can be added to the Panel.