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    TextArea Betrayal

      I've got a class that extends TextArea which I'm using to type text in. It holds another class that is my model and that has an htmlText property which is a string. There is some binding hooked up, but my issue is this:

      Start with some formatted html in this textArea. Click in the middle of a word. Type one letter... it inherits the formatting. Type the next letter, it reverts back to some default style. Click in the middle of another word. Type one letter. inherits the formatting. Right arrow, left arrow so that you're back int he same spot. Type one letter. it inherits the formatting.

      Somehow the movement of the cursor with the arrow keys makes the formatting stick.

      Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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          benthroop Level 1
          I've tracked it down to this:

          When binding is set up like such, I see this issue:
          Model <-> TextArea

          When binding is set up like this, the formatting stays:
          Model <- TextArea

          I'm looking into the inner workings of TextArea and UITextField to see what kind of data is being passed back that might cause this issue. Again, if this rings a bell for anyone please gimme a shout.