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    Cant Find Multiclip Timecode

    Robert Alon-Monks



      I have shot with 2 cameras both with time of day timecode.  I synced the two cameras with inpoints as the timecode was slightly out.   This all worked fine.  However I was given duff information regarding which clip belongs to which filming day so they are labeled incorrectly.  I can use the time of day timecode to work out which is which.  However, when i go to the edit and select reveal in project im am shown that a particular clip comes from a multiclip..fine.. but i cant find the actual time code of the clips.  The multiclip just counts up from zero.   How can I find the timecode associated to each camera so I can then see that it was shot at 11am so it has to be show 2 etc etc


      The individual clips that the multiclaips were made from all show the timecide im looking for.