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    Bridge CS6 not displaying complete metadata


      I have CS5 and am playing around with CS6.  So far so good, impressed overall.


      I like to have Bridge set up to display the Metadata for each image, and when I view the metadata, it is not as complete as what I see in the CS5 version of Bridge.


      Specifically, I like to be able to see the Subject Distance, which is recorded for the camera/lens combination I'm using.  In Bridge CS5, the Subject Distance displays just fine, but it is completely absent in CS6.


      Also, I like to see the ISO as well.  In Bridge CS5, it shows nicely as "ISO Speed Ratings" while in Bridge CS6, it shows as "(ISO) Photographic Sensitivity" - kind of excessive.


      To verify this, I made sure *all* metadata options were chosen to display, but Subject Distance is not showing up anywhere, and the ISO is a bit wordy.


      I assume this is a bug, but I welcome any advice on how to get it to display Subject Distance, which is contained in the metadata.



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          Curt Y Level 7

          You can choose the same metadata in CS6.  I opened edit/preferences/metadata and Subject Distance and ISO Speed are listed in Camera Data EXIF section.

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            DLC-Photography Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Curt, but I'm aware of what you're saying.  My point is that despite selecting "Subject Distance" iin the preferences section, the information does not actually get displayed, whereas it does in the CS5 version of Bridge.


            And to make sure, I went ahead and selected *all* the fields in the Metadata Preferences, just to make sure, and it does *not* actually display this information.


            The Field is there in the Preferences Menu, but it is not actually reading and displaying this data, at least for the Canon 7D camera I've used for testing this.

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              DLC-Photography Level 1

              And similarly for the ISO - I have to check the box labelled "(ISO) Photographic Sensitivity" to get the ISO to display at all.  Checking the one that says "ISO Speed" has no effect.  Again, this is different from the behavior in CS5 Bridge.

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                Curt Y Level 7

                Just looked at my CS5 and CS6.  Using a .nef image I see subject distance in both versions.


                For the ISO in both versions at the top left corner of metadata panel there is a white box with f stop shutter speed and ISO listed.  Does not seem to matter if ISO is selected in metadata or not to have ISO displayed here.


                In CS5 you are correct that it has an ISO setting that is also displayed in metadata.  In CS6 if you select ISO Speed (or ISO location) it does nothing.  As you stated you have to select (ISO) Photographic Sensitivity.  This is a new heading and frankly I do not know if it takes the place of the old ISO Setting heading. 


                So guess one whould have to figure out what the new headings of ISO Speed and ISO Speed Latitude really mean.  Could be these are fields added to catch metadata for some cameras.


                My guess is the defination of ISO has been changed so the new term is photographic sensitivity.  But just a guess on my part.


                Hope this helps.

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                  DLC-Photography Level 1

                  Interesting, Curt.  And yes, the metadata placard does show the ISO by default, which does come in handy.


                  Regarding the Subject Distance issue, I've been testing with my wife's Canon 7D.  I just took some images with my 1 D Mark IV, and found the same thing, unfortunately.  CS5 Bridge shows the Subject Distance just fine; CS6 Bridge shows nothing for Subject Distance.


                  It therefore seems like this is a bug of sorts, where Adobe isn't properly reading the metadata fields for at least some cameras.  May work fine for Nikon, but not so much for Canon.

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                    Curt Y Level 7



                    There may be a bug in the new ACR.  I just checked the Subject Distance in a .nef one shot taken 4 years ago and one taken this year.  The old nef shows the subject distance in both CS5 and 6.  THe new nef does not show even the heading in either Bridge version.


                    May want to check this out with your photos, and if you can confirm might ask question in the camera raw forum http://forums.adobe.com/community/cameraraw?view=discussions


                    If you get an answer post back in this thread so others following it can see the answer.  THanks.