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    Adobe updates affects my computers documentation, I cannot access it ?


      My computer is Sony Vaio laptop - VGN-A317S running XP.


      Built into this computer are "Computer information centre and documentation", when I update ADOBE I cannot access these two programmes, a flash comes on the screen asking me to install ADOBE 7 and above, but this is no good ?

      I then delete ADOBE update and reset the computer back to its original settings, I then can access these two programmes.

      I need to update ADOBE to access some other programmes.

      In the past I have tried contacting ADOBE, but they never reply ?


      Installed on this computer is "Macomedia flash player Version, I know Adobe have taken over Macromedia, but with this programme I can access the two programmes not the new Adobe programmes.

      How do I resolve this programme ?

                                                                            Thanks Lawrie