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    Photo Mail


      The email client showing under preferences/sharing is not my current e-mail client, and I can't receive the authorizing emailcode to use photo mail

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Which version of PSE and what operating system?

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            WTMIII-ARlVYl Level 1

            PSE7 reinstalled on new windows 8 PC-  showng Windows Mail (old email version) in the preferences setting dialogue box,  but I am using Windows Live Mail on new PC.  Won't send using Windows Mail, and when I select Adobe email system, it says it is sending an authorizing confirmation email with code to my email address, but it nevers comes.

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              1. Log in to your mail provider on the web and add the following email to your address/contacts book.


              2. Open Organizer and on the menu click:

              Edit >> Preferences >> Sharing

              3. Choose Adobe Email Service from the client dropdown menu.
              4. Add your name and email address to the fields provided and click OK
              5. Test the system (first use only)  by selecting a photo in organizer and choosing Share >> Photo Mail then click Next (Mac users should use attachments)
              6. Choose a contact then click  Next
              7. Click Next Step, then click Next - the sender verification dialog will open.
              8. Check you have spelt your email address correctly and hit the Resend E-Mail button.
              9. Go to your inbox (also check spam) and when the Adobe mailer message is received copy (Ctrl+C) the long verification code.
              10. Return to the verification dialog and paste it (Ctrl+V) into the Sender verification field and click OK. Wait for validation confirmation then click OK to continue

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                WTMIII-ARlVYl Level 1

                will try it....thanks!

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                  Thanks! I got as far as verifying my email address by using a gmail account instead of aol.  I am now stuck at sending the pictures.  The little blue circle keeps turning, but no picture gets sent.