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    Premier Pro CS6-Capturing Footage, Serious Surprising Issue

    Paul Whitehead Level 1

      I started editing using final cut pro 7 and i'm making the transition into the adobe video world.  Premier is very simlar to final cut, but I think premier is much better as long as you can find your self around.


      I chose to capture vhs tapes through a fw 400 to a 800 into my mac with premier instead of final cut.  The reason for this is, i noticed that premier had a much better proc amp luma to it then fial cut did.  Meaning the capture window in final cut 7 was much darker then in premier pro cs6.


      Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 12.40.15 PM.png

      The Final cut capture window is on the left and the premier capture window is on the right.


      Now this is a very good thing and this is why i chose to capture in premier instead.  Does premier have capture presets like final cut does?  I'm captureing vhs tapes that are 2 hours long and average to about 30/35 gigs a pop cuase their .movs.  Is there anyway to capture as a mpg2 and call it a day?  Thank you.