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    AppleScript / saving file to a relative path


      Hello everybody,


      I would like to make a script that saves current file to a relative path. For example: I have a psd opened file (that is in pictures/01/image01.psd) and I need to save it one level up as a JPEG ( pictures/image01.psd).


      This is what I've tried, however, the result is that the file is saved in the root of Photoshop - in applications folder:


      tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS6"

                set myFile to "./"

                set myOptions to ¬

                          {class:JPEG save options, embed color profile:false, format options:standard, matte:background color matte} ¬


        save current document in file myFile as JPEG with options ¬

        myOptions appending no extension without copying

      end tell



      Thanks in advance