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    Elements 10 or 11 won't run on my new PC.



      Bought PS Elements/Premier 10 as a package.  Can run Premiere just fine, but locks on PS Elements 10.  Tried trial PS Elements 11, and locks also.

      Is a new machine: HP Pro series with 64 bit Windows Professional 7 SP1, 12mb ram, and nvidea 1gb gtx 650 video.  It is a new up to date machine with factory operating system settings.  All other recently installed programs work great (Sketchup, Autocad, Office, etc.)  Have already tried multiple restarts and compatibility modes.  Firewalls are off.  Antivirus is off.  Software has been updated via internet.  Can get to ORGANIZE screen and all funcitons, but locks on EDIT once in.  No problems logging in at welcome screen.  Have fresh re-installed once.  Licenced without error.

      Any ideas are helpful, but there is no reason it shouldn't work.