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    How do I pin a lightbox trigger?


      Hi all,


      After watching this tutorial (http://tv.adobe.com/watch/muse-feature-tour/muse-pin-objects-to-the-browser-window/eng/), I have decided that I would quite like to replicate the 'Share' button lightbox that is being used.


      While I have no trouble creating the light box on its own, and no trouble pinning a button on its own, I cannot do both together - like in the example.


      Once I have created my lightbox and I have set up what the tutor refers to as a 'hotspot' area behind my button, I look to 'pin' the trigger. I have no trouble pinning the button, but the trigger, or the 'hotspot' that I have created on top of my button cannot be pinned. The pin option is greyed-out, and I am unable to select it to be pinned.


      Surely this is doable as it was advertised in the adobe tutorial.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          GVD321 Level 2



          That particular example was using the tooltip composition widget. You can download it from the widgets gallery and deconstruct it.
          Lightbox triggers cannot be pinned. You could however achieve a faux Lightbox effect (if that is what you're really after)

          using the tooltip widget and a little thinking ;-)
          Hope that helps.


          Edit - my bad. It is a Lightbox Display composition widget.

          You can get it here  http://www.adobekb.com/Default.aspx?CCID=27927&FID=139931&ExcludeBoolFalse=True&PageID=138 36666

          But hmm. Can't pin a default LB diplay widget trigger, but this one you can.
          Have to think about that for a min...She's done some grouping but. hmm..
          Sorry for the misinformation.


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          Editx2 - well that was a fun diversion. The trickery in selecting no fill. You probably figured it out by now, but holla back if you still need help.
          Well played Dani!

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            Inkgnome Level 1

            Hello, I am also looking to pin a lightbox trigger. Regardless of grouping and minus a fill..I still cannot get this work. Any other ideas? In my situation, I am trying to pin my trigger (a button for login) onto my navigation bar; which is also pinned. If you did manage to get this to work..Would you mind sharing a muse file? Thanks in advance.

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              Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You may want to have a look at this widget from Muse Grid



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                Inkgnome Level 1

                Thanks for the direction Brad but unfortunately my client needs the "target" to be full screen and the embedded login to be centered no matter what size screen. He really likes the look of a lightbox as it centers the attention to the target..If only the trigger could be pinned. I certainly appreciate the quick response!!

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                  sladezumhofe Level 1

                  Hi Inkgnome,

                  I'm not sure if you figured this issue out yet or not. If you had you can disregard my explanation.


                  To "Pin" either a lightbox or tooltip widget here is what you need to do:


                  When you select the outer edge of the widget you will notice a "container" outline that holds all of your widget stuff. It is not a background but an invisible container. This container is what gets pinned.


                  If you want to pin your lightbox thumb (button or graphic) to the top of the browser window all you need to do is click the widget area so the "container" outline shows....move this to the top of the canvas and then Pin it. You can then move your Trigger button where you would  like it. Your Lightbox display area will always show in the center so it doesn't really matter where it is placed for design but you can move it to the center if you want. The "container" will grow as you move things around but also stay Pinned.


                  I sure hope this makes sense.  I just got it to work.