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    How do I pin a lightbox trigger?


      Hi all,


      After watching this tutorial (http://tv.adobe.com/watch/muse-feature-tour/muse-pin-objects-to-the-browser-window/eng/), I have decided that I would quite like to replicate the 'Share' button lightbox that is being used.


      While I have no trouble creating the light box on its own, and no trouble pinning a button on its own, I cannot do both together - like in the example.


      Once I have created my lightbox and I have set up what the tutor refers to as a 'hotspot' area behind my button, I look to 'pin' the trigger. I have no trouble pinning the button, but the trigger, or the 'hotspot' that I have created on top of my button cannot be pinned. The pin option is greyed-out, and I am unable to select it to be pinned.


      Surely this is doable as it was advertised in the adobe tutorial.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.