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    Using FABridge with Flash SWF

      Hello Folks,

      FABridge exposes all Flex functionality to JavaScript in a beautiful way. However I have a Flash project that spits out an FLA and a SWF file. I want to use FABridge to manipulate this SWF and Flash through JavaScript. Can FABridge be used for this purpose? If so how? In Flex, inserting a simple line of code <fab:FABridge xmlns:fab="bridge.*"/> exposes all functionality to JS. But this is done in the XML part of the mxml file. Flash has all ActionScript code and I am not sure how to use or initialize the FABridge from with the ActionScript code in Flash.

      Would appreciate any thoughts or pointers on how to go about using JavaScript to access and manipulate Flash through SWF files created through Flash project. I would think that if I can manipulate the SWF file from Flex why can't I do it thorugh the one created through Flash. But sounds like I am missing something very basic here.