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    Project Bloating and Repair in Premiere Pro CS6; Max Project File Size? Adobe Coders Welcome...

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      After a few browsing sessions, I haven't found direction for a specific problem within a project bloat. First and foremost; we're always backed up. I have a restoration copy of the project that I will reference herein. Check that off the list.


      Numerous people have posted here and around Creative Cow with problems regarding an expanding file size using CS6; watching files go from 300mb to 2.8gb. The unfortunate problem is when the project crosses a magical line that results in an inablity to open, import, export, or access sequences contained therein. Has anyone addressed a solution to repairing Premiere CS6 save files? Reducing file bloat? I haven't seen anything (recall the FCP7 repair days... solutions existed because problems were frequent; thankfully not so bad with Adobe).


      Does anyone inside the code size know the maximum project file size that Premiere can read? I created a monster... Over 200 sequences utilizing 4.5TB of footage, stretching from Red codecs to EXCam to MPEG4 and H264. And for some time, the project size was manageable. Then, it inflated. And one day, randomly stopped opening. None of the auto-saves open.


      Just curious. Files aren't the problem, but the 2.8GB save file is. Machine specs // etc. are openly available if required; no bad ram, no problems with all projects (just this one beast).




      Jon Michael Ryan

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