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    How to quickly relocate clips that have been "lost" by Project

    DamajInc Level 1

      I've opened a project and found that one or more of the files were likely linked to a network resource that has now disappeared. They're not important files so no great loss... except that Premiere in its infinite wisdom has decided that ALL the clips in the Project need to be relocated!


      Is there a way to make Premiere "rescan" for the files using the file locations it already has stored in the Project file?


      I'm using Premiere CS6 on Windows 7 Home Premium with 16GB RAM.


      Sorry to whinge but it's extremely frustrating coming across these really stupid approaches that Premiere/Adobe has to everything. There are so many stupid inconsistencies and bad approaches and it's ridiculous to get the "hey, it's all ok - here's a workaround" response. They should be fixed and someone should give the software a decent interface overhaul. I'm assuming this is not seen as a bug but it's certainly a stupid way to approach files in a project! /rant