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    Variable Width profile for the brush tool keeps resetting

    universaltruth Level 1

      This problem is baffling me. I'm fairly new to Illustrator so I would appreciate some help. I’m using Adobe Illustrator CS6 with a mouse rather than a pressure graphics tablet.


      When I create a stroke using the Paint brush tool I would like the stroke to contain a variable width profile. For example narrower at the beginning and end of the stroke but thicker in the middle. Now I can do this by selecting the line after I have made the stroke and choosing the Basic Brush Definition from the drop down list.  But if i try to draw a new line the settings are reset again.  I cannot create a variable stroke while creating the stroke. The brush definition keeps resetting to 5 pt Round and stroke width 1 pt. It would be much quicker if the stroke remained as a varying width profile as I created the strokes.


      I noticed the same problem with the blob brush tool except it's even worse. With the blob brush tool the stroke weight always resets regardless of whether or not I try to set a Variable width profile.

      I tried deselecting "New Art has Basic Appearance" mentioned on another forum but that didn't work.


      I know its possible because I’ve seen it done on this youtube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5wW_65iAiU

      Notice the variable width profile is maintained as the artists draws. It doesn’t keep resetting.