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    ADE authorization problem


      Several days ago, I downloaded and installed ADE 2.0.  (on Windows Vista)  Works fine, can open and read my books.  Downloaded from public library, again, no problems.  Plugged in my Nook in order to transfer library book.  ADE sees the Nook.  Nook accepts the book, but when I tried to open the book on the Nook, it said book contents were not there.  This started a very frustrating search to remedy the problem.  I tried to authorize ADE on my laptop, but I get the message:  "Activation Server error.  code:  E_AUTH_NOT_READY      Digital Editions encountered an error on the activation server.   I gave up -- today I tried again - same thing.  I found several references to the same problem in this forum, but the solutions offered have not worked for me.  Anyone have any ideas what I might try next?  Thanks