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    Using pen pressure without a tablet? Help!


      I like to use the pen pressure option to get those interesting lines for art with the pen tool. I've been using like that for years. But today, my computer is telling me I can't use this option without a tablet. I'm very confused. Even a couple days ago I could select that option with no problem. I'm not sure how to fix this, please help.

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          What version of photoshop are you using and operating system?


          How is the computer telling you can't use stroke paths with the simulate pressure option checked in the stroke path dialog?

          If you mean there is a little yellow triangle beside the pen pressure option in the brush panel, that only applies to drawing in the actual document, but you should

          still be able to simulate pressure when stroking paths without actually having a tablet.


          Do you have some other kind of layer active other than a pixel layer: i.e smart object, shape, text?

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            Jessica_l_5 Level 1

            I was able to click the pen pressure by going through the right click options on the pen.. so I'm sorted.

            But even before I did that, it still wouldn't let me use the pen pressure. Quite confusing as I always go through the brush options.. Oh well. Thanks for your time though!