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    Missing plugins from AE CS6 installation?

    zz bottom

      Hi all, feel stupid for having to ask but...


      I can't seem to find any threads via google regarding this.  I went to use the "Time Remapping" plugin in AE CS6 installed on my PC and found it missing (haven't ever used it before).  This is the first version I have owned, having only used AE on school computers.  My suite is CS6 Production Premium, which I installed with all options included as far as I could tell.


      I've checked throughout the effects menus and also tried searching from the Effects & Presets panel.  All that's listed under "Time" is:

      - CC Force Motion Blur

      - CC Time Blend

      - CC Time Blend FX

      - CC Wide Time

      - Echo

      - Posterize Time

      - Time Difference

      - Time Displacement

      - Timewarp


      I've read dozens of threads/posts mentioning this plugin and no mention of it being a 3rd party paid plugin.  Please help me, I feel like the answer's staring me in the face but I'm still missing it.  I also wonder if I am missing any other plugins that should be installed.