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    Shockwave Flash crashes


      I have had problems with crashes when I play FB games. I have tried uninstalling my browsers (Firefox & Chrome), then reinstalling. I have uninstalled Flash player and Shockwave, then reinstalled a couple of times. I daily clean my caches. I have tried all the suggestions on The Adobe troubleshooting pages and nothing helps. This has been going on for more than a year and it's gotten worse if anything. My computer has been checked multiple times for viruses as well. A partial list of the games that routinely hang up/crashes are Farmville, Farmville 2, Cityville, Cityville 2, Treasue Island, ect. The only games that I can play are those that involve popping bubbles and or jewels. even they sometimes stop working. I am getting a lot of "a plugin Shockwave flash has stopped responding" and "warning a script has stopped responding". I have also noticed that other people have posted on this discussion board with similer issues, but there are no replies from Adobe. What is the point of this discussion if Adobe is not interested in solving the problem?