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    Elements added and animated in edge don't center in web page




      I'm new to adobe edge and I'm running into a problem- I have a static web page that I'm building an animated page from. Editing the DIVS and other elements in the existing page is straightforward.


      The issue I'm having arises from something I'm trying to add TO my composition that isn't in the original html file. I'm making a page turn animation that cycles through some .png files when my page first loads(all done in Adobe Edge), and the page turn animation does not line up with the rest of the page when I wrap the DIVS  I was editing in Edge into a Wrapper div whose purpose is to center the page content horizontally and vertically, I added the wrapper in a text based HTML editor called Coda.


      Isn't the Stage the "frame of reference" common to everything in your composition? I thought positioning something on the stage the equivalent of positioning something inside of a container DIV you would add in your own HTML? I thought the options in the coordinate system in the Position and Size panel were for referring the containing div.




      To give you an idea of the desired effect, imagine the following content, but centered both vertically and horizontally on the page:



      The positioning weirdness I'm experiencing is as follows:



      Both are resource heavy pages and take some time to load.





      #wrapper {

      margin-left: -625px;

                margin-top: -488px;

                width: 1250px;

                height: 976px;

                position: absolute;

                left: 50%;

                top: 50%;

                padding: 0px;





      Thanks in advance to any brave souls who could point me in the right direction. This in my very first animation using Adobe Edge!