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    OT-Transferring CS6 to new Mac

    peterpica Level 1

      I've CS6 on my Mac Pro; just ordered a new iMac (trading in Mac Pro)... how can I legally transfer my license to new machine? Also, may I install CS6 on my wife's machine at home too? I'd really like a viable at-home hardware alternative should my new iMac give me a problem and need outside service.



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You are entitled to two concurrent activations with the stipulation that

          you are the primary user on both machines and that both will not be used

          at the same time.


          Before decommissioning your old Mac, open CS6 and under the help menu,

          choose deactivate. Close CS6.


          You can now install and activate on your new machine. And should still

          have a second activation for your home computer as well.