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    Fast / Best 2TB Hard Drive


      Could you recommend a fast 2TB or above hard drive. I have 3 Samsung 1TB F3 disks in my system but my media disk is almost full and want to upgrade to 2TB or above





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Seagate Constellation ES or HGST 7K Ultrastar series are the first ones to come to mind, but they are enterprise drives, designed for 24/7 operation. A fast disk in the consumer range is the Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 range, but they are hampered by a lousy 1 year warranty. An alternative in the consumer range is the WD Caviar Black.

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            Alex - DV411 Level 2

            Haven't had much experience with Samsungs (or Seagates, lately). Been using HGST (Hitachi) Deskstars and Ultrastars.


            FYI, WD desktop drives (Caviar Black, etc.) aren't warranted for external RAID of any kind or internal parity RAID, which is why I stay away from them for the most part.


            On the Enterprise side, Ultrastars are the only ones with both a 5-year warranty and 2m MTBF rating.