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    possible bug? formatted number 0 displays as  4,294,967,295

    lw1001 Level 1
      This is really two questions in one. First, I have a routine that sometimes provides a result of 0, which is *sometimes* displayed in an AdvancedDataGrid column as 4,294,967,295, which I'm assuming is somehow a meaningful number (largest int?). Anyway, I have an ADG with a column defined as:

      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn headerText="Remaining work" labelFunction="rem_work_fmt" textAlign="right" />

      The labelFunction called is shown below:

      private function rem_work_fmt(item:Object, column:AdvancedDataGridColumn):String
      var num:String = numberFormatter.format(item.get_remaining_work());
      trace ("result: " + num);
      return num;
      The trace output prints: "result: 0" as expected, but the number displayed in the grid is sometimes 0 and sometimes 4,294,967,295.

      More weirdness, this only happens to the last column in the ADG. I call the same format logic on a different column and have never seen the wrong result. Also, the same underlying function "get_remaining_work()" is called elsewhere on the same data and the result is correctly displayed in a text field as 0.

      Second question, I've run into some other possible bugs, which I haven't reported because I found a work around. How does one do that in the beta program?