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    Correction and Multi-cam


      I am putting together a multi-cam sequence. I have applied color correction to the clips but when I select when using the project panel I only get the original (un-corrected) clips  in the sequence - what am I missing? Or do I have to do correction after compiling the multi-cam sequence?

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          Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

          Not quite sure I get it.  How have you applied the color correction to the clips?  By putting them in individual sequences?  It doesn't quite work that way.


          You have to make the multiclip first by setting In or Out points or putting markers in all the clips.  Then right click and select make multiclip.  You'll get a sequence with an icon of all the clips.  Next you drag this onto the "make new item" button.  This creates a multicam sequence based on the format of your media.


          make new item button:new_item.jpg



          Multiclip and Sequence icons: multicam_high.jpg


          I always rename my sequence with "SEQ" so I can quickly tell them apart.


          You edit the multicam using the "Multi SEQ" in the timeline.  You will only see one audio track and one video track


          To color correct an entire camera angle (at any time in the editing process), you right-click on the multiclip to load it into the timeline.  You will see a video track and audio track for every angle in the multiclip  Just double click the one you want to to color correct in the timeline here to load it into the Source monitor.  You can color correct it there.


          Hope this helps

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            alexdejesus Level 1

            @AJMB It looks like you're asking if the effects applied to individual clips in the original sequence carry over into the multi-cam sequence you created from it. Yes, they do. If effects do not appear in the multicam sequence, go back to the original sequence and verify that all the tracks are on (eyeball) and the effects are turned on in the clips' 'Effects control panel.'


            You said "putting together a multicam sequence." A multicam is a type of 'nested' sequence made from a multitrack sequence. First , you should have a sequence with 2 or more tracks sync'ed together (including audio). You can apply effects to these track clips now, but you should wait 'til after you've rough edited the multicam.


            You make a multicam from that original sequence by dragging its icon to the 'new item' icon (or Rt-clicking and "New sequence from clip") The new sequence will have just one green clip. Rt click that clip and click 'Enable' from the 'Multi Camera' dropdown. This is what activates the multicam sequence.


            In the Window dropdown , check 'Multi Camera monitor' and do your 'live switching.' When you're done Premiere places cuts at each edit point where you switched cameras. Each segment represents the appropriate track in the original sequence, including any effects applied.


            You can also apply effects to the individual segments in the multicam track, or an 'adjustment layer', but it could get confusing if you also have effects on the originals.


            This is probably more info than you needed, but other people read these. Let me know if still having pproblems

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              Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

              Effects  do not affect your original clips in Project panel. If you want to see the result of your colour correction, you should use the sequence, within which your colour correction was applied.


              In multicam scenario you can colour correct in several ways:

              1. Apply color correction within your master sequence (either onto individual cuts or on an adjustment layer) when you're done with cutting.

              2. Apply your colour correction onto clips within particular camera angle. If you want to use an adjustment layer, you have to nest that camera angle with adjustment layer first and then use that (those) nested sequence(s) to build a sequence out of colour corrected camera angles.

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                AJMB Level 1

                Thank you all for your suggestions - I am still very new to all this but have tried an adjustment layer and it seems to be doing largely what I want - so thank you.


                The moral is to try and get the lighting right - before shooting!!

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8